Saturday, March 28, 2009

Born Into Brothels Star Returns to Sex Work

I came across an article about Preeti Mukhejee aka Puja, one the children who was featured in the film Born into Brothels. Puja was ten years old when she was in the documentary. Today she is in her teens and unfortunatley she is a sex worker just like her mother, Rakhi. After the film, Puja was given money and the opportunity to come to the USA to find a better home and enter school. She took the money but backed out on the trip to America. After the movie came out, clients in Songachi, the red-light district of India, pressured Puja's mother into having her join the trade. Clients said they would pay more money to sleep with Puja. So her mother defaulted on sending her to America and pushed her to be a sex worker. Puja used the money she was given to buy a car, tvs, and fancy items for herself and her mother. Today she lives in Prem Kamal, one of the most expensive buildings in the red light district.

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She is the head of her on sex chain and has even been arrested. Since her mother is to old to get as many clients as she use to, Preeti is responsible for paying her mother's bills as well as her on. Her mother has a room in Prem Kamal too. To read the whole article entitled, An Oscar winner then, a sex worker now, you can visit the website or click on the link above.


  1. Very unfortunate but thats reality...once you find a shortcut for fast money its hard to move away from it.

  2. just watch the documentary...mean and deep